Medical journals have linked thinning and loss of eyelashes to aging.

When Allergan analyzed the photos of a subset of women with inadequate or not enough lashes from the Latisse ® clinical trials, they noticed that the older women had thinner, shorter and lighter lashes at week 0, compared to the younger women in the trial. The demographic data suggests there may be a downward trend of eyelash fullness, length and darkness as women with inadequate lashes age. In the Phase III Latisse ® clinical trial, 91 percent of women participating were 35 or older and results show that Latisse® more than doubled their lash fullness after 16 weeks of treatment. If you don’t have enough lashes, using Latisse® will help you grow longer, fuller and darker lashes.

Take a moment to assess your lashes. Perhaps you’ve noticed a change in your lashes over the years. Have they lost their fullness? Do they appear shorter or lighter in color? If so, Latisse ® can help you regain that youthfulness in your eyes! It is the only FDA-approved product that grows lashes, increasing their overall prominence.

Did you know…?

Latisse ® works as well for men as it does for women! Learn more about Latisse ® for men.